Naked Yoga

Los Angeles

If you'd like a private Yoga session, or Reiki (energy work) session,
or would like an invitation to group Naked Yoga or Naked Parties,
please send the following information to
    NakedYoga  [at]   gmail [dot] com:
  1. Name: First, Last
  2. Phone
  3. Date of birth: Year, Month, and Day
  4. Weight
  5. Height
  6. Zip code
  7. Please describe your comfort level with group nudity.
  8. Do you prefer events that are open to all male nudists or events where the participants are screened in advance based on specific criteria (age, fitness, etc.)?
  9. When is the best time for you to meet?
  10. Which of the following interest you?
    • Private Naked Yoga sessions
    • Reiki (energy work) sessions
    • Tantra sessions
    • Group Naked Yoga
    • Naked Parties
  11. Please describe your Yoga experience and background.
  12. Please describe the kind work you do.
  13. Face pic
  14. Shirtless body pic
  15. Optional: naked pic

Your information and pics will not be shared.
It will be used only for the purposes of organizing the Yoga group.

Thanks and Namaste!

Naked Yoga Los Angeles is a private club for men who enjoy the freedom of practicing yoga without the restriction of clothing.

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